Technology, Research & Development

Design and analysis tools

Pure Marine's expertise in the design and analysis of wave energy and tidal energy systems emanates from continued investment in the development and testing of state-of-the-art software tools for advanced engineering analysis of wave energy and tidal energy technologies.

Software for advanced coupled mechanical-hydrodynamic anaysis of floating systems for wave, wind & tidal technologies and computational fluid dynamics enable Pure Marine's engineers to deliver detailed design and analysis on ocean energy technologies.


Ocean Energy Arrays

Pure Marine are collaborating with Queens University Belfast and Beaufort Research in Cork to address the major knowldge gaps needed for the design and economic optimisation of tidal turbine and wave energy converter arrays.

  • Marine Renewable Energy Ireland (MaREI)
  • Tandem Tidal Tuubine (TTT) Research Project @ Queens University




Wave Energy - new design concepts & structural configurations

The advanced design tools developed by Pure Marine have enabled research into new design concepts for capturing wave energy.

The DUO Wave Energy Converter concept was conceived to develop wave energy technology that could improve productivity, leading to lower costs of generating electricity and accelerating the deployment of wave energy technology on offshore sites.

The DUO Wave Energy Converter captures power from the vertical and horizontal energy components in the ocean's waves.

The dual nature of the device's operation has significant advantages in terms of productivity.